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1. Name:

harms-ziegler rechtsanwälte

Partnerschaftsgesellschaft mbB


Katharinenstraße 17, 10711 Berlin

Authorised representatives:

Prof. Dr. Beate Harms-Ziegler
Dr. Benjamin Junglas
Dr. Anja Wiese-Peuthert

2. Information for quick electronic
contact and direct communication:

Tel.: +49 30 890097 – 0
Fax: +49 30 890097 -79

Electronic mail addresses:

3. Information on the responsible
regulating authority:

The Senate Department for Justice, Salzburger Straße 21-25, 10825 Berlin

4a. Board:

TBar association Berlin, Littenstraße 9, 10179 Berlin

4b. Legitimate occupational title:

Attorney at Law
Country in which the occupational title was granted: Federal Republic of Germany

4c. Indication of the
professional rules and regulations:

Federal Lawyers' Act (BRAO)
Professional Code of Conduct for Attorneys (BORA)
Rules and Regulations for Specialised  Attorneys (FAO)
Attorneys' Fee Law (RVG)
German Federal Attorneys' Fees Act (BRAGO)
Code of conduct for attorneys in the European Community

Information on where these are available:

relevant Law and Ordinance Gazette, libraries, book shops, Internet at or at
harms-ziegler rechtsanwälte

5. Value added tax identification number
according to § 27a UStG (value added tax law):


Design and implementation:

Tino Urbiks

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